Lucinda Anne | Nineteen | Taken by Alfi | Biological Sciences Fresher.
Anonymous asked: You and Alfi are going to be fine, don't listen to what idiots say! You will miss him, and he will miss you but things will be fine, when you see him it will be 100X more special and you will appreciate the time lots more! Chin up!

I am literally so relieved this is nice after last nights message! 

Thank-you! :) I know it’ll be so much more special and we will appreciate our time together a lot more, but it just seems like a whole month is such a long time to be without him! Like it doesn’t sound a lot but to me it seems like forever! :(

I hope I will feel better tomorrow - I did when he went travelling and this is just like that - only a week and a half longer.

It’s just so frustrating not being able to see him.

Thank-you though! I mean it :)

Seeing Jadene, Lauren and Leah tonight, hopefully I don’t cry and have a good last night in swindon.